Your Checklist for Hiring a Roofing Company

roofing contractor check list JacksonvilleYour home is possibly the largest investment you have and, as such, must be protected as well as you possibly can. Some of the things that are constantly hammering away at that investment are the natural elements and weather. This could be August’s humid heat, October’s hurricane, or March’s nor’easters. Choosing a professionally-trained and experienced roofing contractor in Jacksonville FL is a vital component to any proactive home maintenance plan.

However, care must be taken to hire the right roofing contractor in Jacksonville FL. The firm you choose should know the type of roofing system you have and be able to expertly recommend the type of roof you might consider as a strategic upgrade. But, these qualities are really only the firsts of a few other things to consider before allowing anyone on your property to manage your roof and your investment

Roofing Checklist:

  • Check with friends and family who have had a new roof or a repair made for a short list of their recommendations. Hardware stores will have a list of various contractors on hand. Surf through a few of the local search engines for their ideas. This will create a list of 10 to 12 names.
  • Check the websites for each company. In this day and age, website presences are absolutely necessary. If one or more particular companies do not have that presence, they can safely be crossed off the list. This will indicate several things; a few of those will be the possibility they are not licensed, insured or unwilling to talk about warranties for any work they do perform.
  • You will then want to pull up any reviews of their service. Take a good look at the good ones and pay attention to the bad. Analyze whether the bad ones are really bad or just a bad customer spouting off. Then, check for the accreditation and professional association memberships. Check in with the BBB to see which rating they have, if any. If you have a subscription to Angie’s List, check there, too.
  • Contact the remaining companies on your list and be as specific with them as possible. The things to be specific about are the following: type of job to be done, materials that are needed, and the timeframe. This will winnow the list down further to those able to do what you need and when you need it done. The best roofing contractor Jacksonville FL offers will work with you in all of these areas.
  • Be as flexible about as much of this as you want; however, be careful about what you give away for a good job. An inexpensive job, performed slightly later than you wanted is one thing. A cheap job, performed today, is not a good deal at all.
  • Before accepting a quote from any company, request a site inspection. Their representative will look at the current roof and its underlayment and search for problems that may have been caused by a leaking roof. You should not pay for this inspection. The results of that inspection will be noted on their clipboard or, more and more, on their laptop or tablet and e-mailed to you.
  • The free quote that will follow that inspection and conversation should present you with a few things. Do not allow them to send only an -mail quote. This should be sent or delivered to you as a hard copy. Verify that it lists these items: the company name and physical address; detailed pricing that lists all material costs, labor, supplies and any special equipment that you talked with them about. All disposal costs and procedures should be listed, as well as any additional expenses incurred because of their work in your area. The best roofing contractor Jacksonville FL offers will not damage your reputation, either.
  • The quote should specify the quality of materials and list brands as appropriate. Since there are many different roofs, such as asphalt, tile, metal, slate, wood, and others, knowing which brands are available will help you understand the quote a little better. The payment schedule should also be listed and no more than 30% should be expected, by them, before the work begins.
  • While interviewing the companies, obtain the following information: All credentials dealing with business permits and accreditation, age of the company and previous work references. View their worker’s compensation policy and material warranties. Ensure they are covered for any damage done to your home or property.

Hiring the same roofing company Jacksonville FL residents have used for many years is the way to ensure all points are covered, as they have been in the customer satisfying business for more than 40 years. Contacting A. J. Wells Roofing Contractors will assist in making sure all of your roofing needs, whether repair or new installation, are handled in an expertly professional way.


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